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Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you stay a while.

Ive always loved making things since I was a kid. My first love and major in college was art and art history. When I received my first box of crayons and paint, I was hooked on the possibilities of color and form. I followed my moms footsteps in gardening, decorating and crafts. Food soon became an extension of that and I would use it to paint on a new canvas, the  plate. Creating my own recipes and experimenting became my new hobby. Thats where Artist in Residence comes into play. I will be your Culinary Curator for all things delicious and beautiful for everyday meals and inspiration for those special occasions.

Im a self taught home cook. Through skills and knowledge of ingredients and a lot of help from great cooks in my family, I have created new recipes and transformed my family traditions during my days working in Craft Service and food styling for tv, video and movie sets. I was then able to take my love for cooking and using fresh ingredients to new heights after working with chefs in high-end restaurants and markets.

I learned that planning, organizing, and prepping goes a long way and greatly improved the flavor profiles in my food. I love trying new ingredients and artisanal products to spice up the old and create something new with them.

I also cook for my boyfriend who is a vegetarian. You may remember me from an episode of Grillin With Bobby Flay on the Food Network where we cooked side by side making my winning 3 Way Onion Burger recipe and sides. See recipe here.

This blog is about achieving more from your life. Whether it’s freshening up a room or nook in your home, beauty and fashion ideas,  or product reviews, even one good idea can make your day!

I have thoughts and ideas to upgrade your pantry that will create the most delicious meals and organizing tips for your kitchen that will give you more time to enjoy life with a some guidance and tools. A few great southern and creole favorites are peppered throughout this blog. Some from my family and others from close friends and southern traditions. And Yes, I do have a killer recipe for Seafood Gumbo!

Since my use of color, art and food go hand in hand, you will occasionally see some cool DIY projects here and My 10 Favorite Things list each week that fuel and influence my lifestyle and this blog of course.

Things I love to eat: sweet potatoes in any form, seafood gumbo, cheeseburger and fries, thin crust pizza, breakfast sandwiches, garlic mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie, spaghetti carbonara, and ice-cream. See a pattern here. I also love most veggies and healthy food too.

I hope you will stick with me through this journey of discovery through cooking, experimenting, and organizing, and have some fun along the way!

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